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Colorado State Task Force

This is YOUR CALL to QUICK ACTION in the remaining days of the legislative session.  



Find your legislators here:


See HB22-1399 here:


1. Email and Call your legislators.

ASK- Your Representative and Senator to support HB22-1399 

"VOTE YES on HB22-1399 to support the Music Therapist title and credential. Ensure access to safe, quality and compassionate care by ensuring that those providing clinical music therapy services are appropriately credentialed. There is no fiscal note attached to this bill."

  • Include the CO Music Therapy fact sheet attached here. 

  • This fact sheet has talking points that can help you when reaching out to your legislators. 

  • It also includes links to music therapy in the media and a new clinical profiles video. 


2. ASK - Your colleagues, and client families to call/email THEIR legislators and share the fact sheet PDF


3. Reach out ASAP to the Health and Insurance Committee members, especially if they are your legislators, or your clients’ legislators.



Questions?? Contact: Amanda Brigham, MM, MT-BC


In 2008, the Colorado State Task Force was established.  It consists of dedicated music therapists who work closely with the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) and the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) to increase state recognition of the MT-BC credential. 

The task force meets with legislators and state agencies to increase music therapy recognition, which will increase both funding for music therapy and access to services for Coloradans. Furthermore, the state task force partners with CAMT to establish a grassroots effort and rally Colorado music therapists together. 

Text reads, "State of Colorado Proclamation Whereas, music therapy benefits persons of all ages to overcome physical, mental, social, and/or emotional difficulties, thereby allowing them to function more successfully in society while also enhancing their quality of life and Whereas, music therapists assess emotional well-being, physical health, cognitive skills, communication abilities, and the ability to function successfully in society through musical response; and Whereas, music therapists design music sessions for individuals and groups based on client needs; and Whereas, music therapists in Colorado serve the diverse needs of Coloradans receiving care in hospitals, rehabilitation settings, mental health facilities, schools, hopsice, and in their homes; and Whereas, the Colorado Association for Music Therapy will celebrate Music Therapy Month in March 2022; Therefore, I, Jared Polis, Governor of the State of Colorado, do hereby proclaim, March 2022, as Music Therapy Month

March is Music Therapy Month! Join our kick-off on March 1st at 7pm Mountain Time on Zoom. Invite your representatives and inform them about our bill!

Redesign for music therapy under Colorado Medicaid Waivers has been postponed because other waivers will be expiring sooner. We have no update on when they will be revised. The new name for Colorado Medicaid is Colorado Health First.

Get Involved

The involvement of Colorado MT-BC's is essential to:


Understand the current state of the music therapy profession in Colorado and

Connect with community members, professionals, and legislators who will help advance the field of music therapy in Colorado

Contact the State Task Force today to get involved!

March is Music Therapy Month!
What you can do to support and celebrate Music Therapy Month

Join and get involved in AMTA and CBMT

Join and get involved in CAMT

Like the CAMT Facebook page

Join the Colorado Music Therapy Facebook group

Like the State Task Force Facebook page

Attend state, regional, and national conferences


Take an online CMTE or MT course


Network with fellow MT-BC's


Network with other professionals and advocate for MT

Give a presentation

Give your clients, facilities, and others with whom you work a copy of the MT Proclamation


Post the MT Proclamation on your Facebook page

Attend MT Hill Day at the Capitol. Check your task force news for info.

State Task Force Members
Task Force Liaison

Amanda Brigham, Chair

Task Force Members

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