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State Task Force Update - February 2017

State Recognition of MT-BC

Since 2008, the State Task Force has introduced music therapy legislation in Colorado twice: a Registration bill in 2012 and Title Protection bill in 2016. Both bills died in committee. The Task Force is leaning toward non-legislative means to pursue state recognition of our credential, MT-BC, and increase access to services.

Currently, we are in the process of meeting with the State Department of Education to address music therapy access issues for students in the public school system. Colorado students with special needs have great difficulty obtaining music therapy services through their IEP's (Individual Education Plans).


Redesign of Colorado Medicaid Waivers

In Colorado, music therapy is funded through 3 Medicaid Waivers:

  • CES (Children’s Extensive Services)

  • SLS (Supported Living Services)

  • CLLI (Children with Life Limiting Illness)

Redesign for these 3 Waivers has been postponed because other waivers will be expiring sooner. We have no update on when they will be revised.

The new name for Colorado Medicaid is Colorado Health First.

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